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Health Benefits

Delcie’s is the go-to place for anyone who wants to take charge of their own and their loved ones’ health. Here are some of the reasons why everyone should deserve a sweet treat without feeling guilty:

  1. 100% Dairy-free (no fat & cholesterol)
  2. 100% Egg-free (no fat & cholesterol)
  3. Free of gelatin and renette (no animals by-product)
  4. Halal prepared (suitable for Muslim friends)
  5. Only lightly sweeten with raw sugar (low calories)
  6. Diabetic friendly and sugar-free option is also available (low G.I and calories)
  7. Baked with heart-healthy organic brown rice milk (enriched with calcium)
  8. Baked Trans-fat free
  9. Baked fresh and naturally with unbleached wholemeal flour (high in fiber)
  10. Beautifully decorated with organic 70% dark chocolate and/or fresh fruits (high in fiber and antioxidant)
  11. Gluten-free / wheat-free option is also available (friendly for gluten intolerance)
  12. Made with 70-85% organic and fresh ingredients (tastier and support green living)
  13. 100% hand-process without any machine except the oven to bake.
  14. Moist texture (traditional home baked taste)

View our menu now to see our full range of carefully prepared cakes that is made with love.

“Hi Delcie, I’m so thrilled to let you know that your Chocolate Mud Fudge cake was such a hit tonight! The birthday girl and all the guests loved it and even said it was as great or even better than the Lana chocolate cake! I made sure they all knew that your ingredients are vegan and organic – absolutely guilt-free! Ne…edless to say, everyone loved it even more; sinless yet amazingly delicious. I’d definitely order cakes from you again. Many thanks for completing a lovely evening with your superb cake! – Shwu Huey, (1kg Mud Fudge Cake) Submitted on 21 Nov 2010 12:39″

*We do remind you to consume our lovely desserts in moderation. Most of our desserts may contain nuts, gluten and soy.