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Watch Delcie’s Health Story – from HealthyMeTV.com.sg 2012

From an early age, Delcie’s passion for confectionery artistry was ignited when she won a cake mixer from a lucky draw. Since then, Delcie became obsessed with baking while experimenting in the kitchen – giving her baked Pineapple Tarts and Christmas fruitcakes to her friends and family every year. Her dad once told her when she was 13, “you should stop giving and start selling your pastries” This idea sunk into her subconscious and she never thought about it since.


Emerging as the top student from Raffles Design Institute’s Visual Communication, she has thrilled many with her charming and intricate graphic designs and became known as Noise Top 20 Local Designer in 2006. Delcie’s unmistakable artistic talents were noticed and she quickly became an art director in Doyle Dane and Bernbach (DDB) Singapore. As she was so committed to her day job, Delcie hardly find time to bake anymore. However, always encouraged to follow her heart and share her love for food with others, she quit her highly loved job in September 2008 to pursue her childhood desire – baking.


However, her mother strongly opposed the idea of giving up her day job to start a business and both parents declined to support her financially. Determined to prove that she was committed to work 24/7 in this business, taking on the role of having to invest all her own savings, and worrying about paying rental instead of comfortably waiting for month end salary to be deposited in her bank; Delcie embarked on her 3 months action plan. She began her business with just one oven and a cake mixer in a humble shop at a quiet Bishan neighborhood, co-sharing the space in a bubble tea stall.


As Delcie is a sweet tooth person, she knew if she were to bake her own cakes, she would have to taste them often and become fat in no time. Hence she decided to challenge the idea of unhealthy cakes by baking them healthier. Under the influence of her mother, she started using organic ingredients and making all her recipes low fat and low sugar.


Since then, she never turn back and uses her baking techniques as her paintbrush to create fine works of art in this confectionery medium. As a testament to her great skill, Delcie had won the first prize in Prima Deli’s Horoscope Cake Design Competition and her cake designs were sold in all Prima Deli’s retail outlets in 2005.


As it turned out, Delcie admitted running the business was not as simple as working for a business. Her mother was right and she had to work 12 hours in the stall, managing cash flow by diversifying into selling bubble tea, even sandwiches and hotdogs to cater for the school crowd in order to earn more money to pay the rent. Despite her effort, the business was still running in a deficit. It did not help when her mother’s health begun to fail and passed away in April 2009.


Ever since her mother passed away due to stomach and intestine cancer, Delcie became a stronger advocate to healthy eating, as she believes that “food can either be your medicine or your poison.”


This is how Delcie was snapped back into focusing on her business. Recalling her mission to create healthy cakes, she pioneered the technique in baking guilt-free Organic, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Diabetic Friendly cakes in Singapore, which is today’s Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes.


Going Egg Free and Dairy Free was not by chance, it was shaped by Delcie’s personal lifestyle when her husband initiated to turn vegetarian for religious reason and needed moral support from Delcie to encourage his diet. While her bakery was still using eggs and dairy products, she decided to remove them all so she will still be able to enjoy her own cakes when she became a vegan for a healthy change.


However, she quickly found her decision extremely challenging as there was no bakery around the region teaching such recipe. She started approaching professional pastry chefs but they decline to work with her as it was impossible for cakes to taste good without eggs and butter.


With Delcie’s determined nature, she started testing her own recipes without eggs and dairy with the help of her customers’ feedback. She recalled “I’ve thrown away so many unsuccessful cakes to a point that I cried myself to bake because I felt pain with each failure, like I’ve failed to prove to my mother. I hide in the kitchen for a good 6 months, fearing to face unhappy and nasty customers who might not be satisfied with my initial products because this is not how cake should be baked.”


Finally, Delcie’s tears and effort have been paid off. Tasting her range of Egg Free and Dairy Free cakes will silence even the harshest skeptics. Besides Egg Free and Dairy Free, these desserts come in Gluten Free and Diabetic Friendly version too. When you indulge in her desserts and cakes, you will discover richness using healthier organic ingredients such as unbleached flour, agave nectar, rice milk and dark chocolate.


Together with her team of highly specialised cake chefs, Delcie aspires to spread healthy eating choices because at Delcie’s, cakes and desserts can now be sinlessly good too!


When Delcie’s baked it, it becomes healthy.

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