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Allergy Information

Ingredients We Do NOT use:

  • NO Egg: fresh egg, egg substitute, egg white powder, meringue powder
  • NO Dairy: yogurt, cheese, milk, butter, butter milk, milk power, whey protein
  • NO Animal By-Product: artificial colourings, white sugar, honey, gelatine, meat
  • NO Alcohol: vanilla essence, preservatives, alcohol

Allergy Free Options:

  • Soy-Free: avoid any form of soy products such as soy milk, lecithin and powder
  • Nut-Free: avoid any type of nuts in the cake or as decoration
  • Wheat-Free: avoid any form of possible contaminated gluten or wheat products


  • Our product may contain sugar, nuts, wheat, soy, and seaweed (source of calcium) unless specify.
  • Do check with our staff the ingredient content to ensure your safe indulgence.
  • We are NOT a 100% nut/gluten/wheat free facility.


  • hi my son is allergic to corn / cocoa / seafood.

    Do you bake cake without using the above mentioned ingredients or ingredients that deprived from corn/maize/cocoa?

    Hope to hear your soonest reply.

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