Are you cracking your brain to plan for your child’s birthday party? After our experience working with kids at the cupcake decorating event, we realised a lot of parents wanted something different and special for their child’s birthday instead of the usual clown or balloon man. Since that children cupcake decoration workshop at the temple, we have received multiple request for special guest appearance by Delcie to conduct a private cupcake decorating workshop with the children at their child’s birthday party.

Customising cakes is what we do best for most children’s party, but have you ever thought of allowing your child and his/her friends come together to designed their own cakes? Cakes may sound major so cupcake is definitely a better bet for their little hands. At least the kids will be able to take away their own creation after the cake blowing ceremony. I saw how proud those children were after they completed their cupcake creation and placed them nicely together with the other kids’ creation on the table prior to the cake blowing ceremony. Immediately after the birthday child made his/her wish and distribution of cupcake starts, the kids were all rushing to grab their own creation. Some children were nice enough to save their cupcake for their parent, but many just went straight into licking the icing. Haha!

All are for good fun whether their creations are pretty or not. To keep all the kids entertained while allowing them the opportunity to learn how to decorate a cupcake, who knows, Delcie may also inspire some of them to become a pastry chef one day.

Swirl Icing Pricing:

Mini cupcake + deco material price: SGD2.50 per piece [1.5in (d) x 1in (h)]
Regular cupcake + deco material price: SGD7.00 per piece [2in (d) x 1.5in (h)]
Fondant Pricing:

Mini cupcake + deco material price: SGD5 per piece [1.5in (d) x 1in (h)]
Regular cupcake + deco material price: SGD10 per piece [2in (d) x 1.5in (h)]

Hands-on Workshop (including Chef Delcie demonstrating):

  • 1-20 kids – SGD300 (1hour)
  • 21-40 kids – SGD400 (2hour)
  • 41-60 kids – SGD500 (3hour)
  • 61-80 kids – SGD600 (4hour)
  • 81-100 kids – SGD700 (5hour)
  • every additional hour or 20 kids/adults = SGD100 additional
  • weekends/ public holidays surcharge of additional $100 applies.

If your party needs 30 mini cupcakes catered to 20kids, the charges are:
30mini cupcake + deco material: SGD75
1-20kids (1hour): SGD300
Total: SGD375


What you are required to prepare:

  • Make sure kids to arrive the party venue before scheduling Chef Delcie’s arrival time.
  • Prepare a big table where kids can gather together to do decoration together and listen in to the demonstration.
  • Advisable to inform kids’ parents to prepare additional clothing in case their decoration gets messy.

Program includes:

  • Introduction to Delcie’s Desserts and Chef Delcie, healthy cupcakes and decorating ingredients/tools
  • Demonstration
  • Helping the children with their decoration (individually as Delcie goes around one by one) – depending if swirl icing or fondant decoration is chosen
  • Upon completion of cupcake + deco, children to place their cupcakes on the cake board according to their name
  • Singing Birthday song (if this is a Birthday Party)
  • Digging into their own cupcakes!

Email us at for more enquires about this private workshop.

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