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Customised Design Cakes

Thank you for your interest in our customised cakes. For your information, all our customised design cakes are baked without eggs, dairy and with organic ingredients. If you have specific allergies, please input them in the order form upon ordering. We will be able to customised our recipes according to your allergies e.g. diabetic friendly, gluten free etc. Kindly take note that icing and fondant (decorative ingredients) are not diabetic friendly.

All customised orders can be placed via the order form. You should attached images of your ideal cake design in the order email too. Customised order discussion in our retail store(s) is strictly by appointment only. To make an appointment, kindly fill up the order form to request for a meet up discussion in store under “Special Request”.

Lead time
All customized orders require at least 2- 3 weeks advance notice period. Urgent order (notice given less than ten (10) working days) will be subjected to availability and additional 15% surcharge.

Copyright Images
Any characters depicted in the movies and cartoon programs are copyrighted. We do not replicate copyright designs on our cakes. If you like to use copyright character toppers on your cake, you are advised to purchase the cake toy toppers from our recommended party supplier store (www.kidzpartystore.com). We are able to create an environment design setting for your purchased toy but we are not able to place the topper on the cake on your behalf as it will also be an infringement of copyrights if we (bakery) were to execute any copyright design on the cake. We sincerely seek for your understanding on this matter.

Here are some of the design cakes we have made for our customers.
View more recent custom design on our Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

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  • Hi, I would like to pre-order for a diabetic friendly birthday cake with a design of a 1. May I know what is the minimum weight, price and designs available?

  • For a shaped Number 1 cake, you need a min size of 8in Square.
    It will then be shaped down to Number 1. This cake feeds 20 person.

    While we do not sell or quote by weight since our cake are mostly heavier in weight (due to real ingredients used and no air-incorporating chemicals used), we quote by size.

    8in Square $170
    Shaping to Number 1 $50
    Additional design fees may apply.

    We do not offer a template design which means you can send us any photo of the cake design you want and we can replicate them accordingly to your preference e.g. colour, theme. Do take note that we will not be able to replicate any copyright characters.

    Flavours for diabetic friendly cakes are:
    – blue forest
    – carrot white choc
    – mud fudge
    – hazelnut mud fudge

  • Hi. Will you able to make a diabetic friendly rainbow cake with white rosette decor?

    I need a cake for my daughters cake smash. What size do u think will be suitable?

  • Dear Sathia,

    Thank you for leaving an enquiry on our website.

    If it is for a photoshoot, a 5.5in round rainbow cake size is sufficient.

    5.5in round rainbow vanilla $70
    Cover cake in white frosting rosette $20
    Place cake on a 8in round gold board.

    We have sent you a seperate private email as well.

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