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Delcie’s Demo Baking Class with Rowenta Oven

Together with Rowenta Oven Distributor, I will be conducting a demo class as invited by Tracy, who is in charge in Rowenta’s distributorship in Singapore. Every week, Rowenta organized a baking lessons for their customers who bought their home ovens. So in first 2 weeks of March, I will be assigned to teach baking using their lovely ovens to their new customers.

Tracy asked me, “How’s the Rowenta oven?”

My reply, “Yes, I’ve just used the oven for the first time today for my butterscotch banana cake and cranberry brownie, FANTASTIC! Cake is even and so amazing that I dun need to pre-heat. Rhea was dropping her jaws watching me put my bake into the oven without pre-heating while she was waiting for hers to preheat. haha!”

OG Orchard Point #04 Activity Room

1st Class – 6 Mar
2nd Class – 27 Mar

2.30pm to 5pm

1st Class
Butter Tea Cakes
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Victorian Sandwich Cake
Birthday Decoration

2nd Class
Black Pepper Chicken Pie
Sardine Roll
Sausage Roll
Apple Pie

A special rate at $30 per class or;
$100 for the remaining 4 classes stated in the Rowenta’s schedule.

Email Tracy at tteng@sg.groupeseb.com and CC email to delcies@delciesdesserts.com
with subject: Delcie’s Demo Baking Class.
Remember to quote my name, Delcie Lam, for the special rate of $30.