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Delcie’s Demo Baking Class with Rowenta Oven

Together with Rowenta Oven Distributor, I will be conducting a demo class as invited by Tracy, who is in charge in Rowenta’s distributorship in Singapore. Every week, Rowenta organized a baking lessons for their customers who bought their home ovens. So in first 2 weeks of March, I will be assigned to teach baking using their lovely ovens to their new customers.

Tracy asked me, “How’s the Rowenta oven?”

My reply, “Yes, I’ve just used the oven for the first time today for my butterscotch banana cake and cranberry brownie, FANTASTIC! Cake is even and so amazing that I dun need to pre-heat. Rhea was dropping her jaws watching me put my bake into the oven without pre-heating while she was waiting for hers to preheat. haha!”

OG Orchard Point #04 Activity Room

1st Class – 6 Mar
2nd Class – 27 Mar

2.30pm to 5pm

1st Class
Butter Tea Cakes
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Victorian Sandwich Cake
Birthday Decoration

2nd Class
Black Pepper Chicken Pie
Sardine Roll
Sausage Roll
Apple Pie

A special rate at $30 per class or;
$100 for the remaining 4 classes stated in the Rowenta’s schedule.

Email Tracy at tteng@sg.groupeseb.com and CC email to delcies@delciesdesserts.com
with subject: Delcie’s Demo Baking Class.
Remember to quote my name, Delcie Lam, for the special rate of $30.


  • Hi Delcie,

    Could you please advise if the Rowenta oven with the fan is better or the one with the top and bottom heat?

    My current oven is giving me much headaches. It burnt my cakes. It also doesnt give me even heat reasulting in my cookies those at the side of the tray darker shade than the rest!

    I would appreciate it if you could share with me your views.

  • Hi Jaslyn,

    If you’re baking cakes, i would suggest getting a Top and Bottom heat component. The fan will be to harsh for the cakes to rise properly.

    If your current oven is burning your cake, the heat may be too hot (not accurate). This heating problem varies in different ovens so it’s best that you get a oven thermometer for your oven to control the temperature properly.

    For cookies or cakes, if you your heat result in darker shades on sides, I suggest either using only the middle area to bake (avoid putting any dough on the sides) or turn your tray every 10mins. You may start off at the recommended baking temperature for 10 mins, then lower the temp by 10 degree to continue the rest of the baking time.

  • Thanks Delcie for sharing so much with me. I am planning to get a new oven, had enough with the current oven. I use the oven mainly for baking cookies, cakes and pizzas, so will it be better that I get the Rowenta Oven with the top and bottom heat instead of the one with the fan? Once bitten, twice shy, I really hope my next oven will not give me the same problem. :(

  • Hi Delcie,

    I have just received a Rowenta Oven as a present from my brother. It is a top and bottom heat oven. Recently i tried baking the butter cake with this oven using 170C temp and it took me 1.5hrs to finish baking the cake. i set the timing to 1hr according to the recipe instruction. However, while in the process of baking, the top seemed to be darken and the inside is wobbly. After 1 hr, the cake is still not cooked and I give it another 30mins to cook. Cake turn out to be super dry, i nearly choked!!! i did not use the dark baking pan, instead i use the wire rack and put the baking tin on top.

    I desperately need your help and advise.


  • Hi Mary, is your wire rack in the middle of the over? 1 step below the middle rack should be correct.

    What is your cake pan size? As recipe suggested, your pan size does matter to the timing in the oven too.

    If you realise that the top has darken while the cake is wobbly, i suggest you tune down the temp to 160 Degree Celsius. As oven temp may differ to the meter, you should also get a oven thermometer to measure the inside oven temp during baking to maintain consistency.

    Hope this help!

  • Hi Delcie,

    Thanks for your reply. I did have a oven thermometer to measure the exact heat inside the oven. However, I realised that when i turned the knob to 170C, the temp inside is only 160C. As i increased it to 180C, the temp inside kept going higher and higher to 200C. I am quite confused with this new oven and I told myself that maybe I need to spend alittle bit of time to calibrate the oven. By the way, do i need to pre-heat the oven? Do you conduct anymore baking class using Rowenta Oven? I really hope so.

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Hi Delcie,

    I was thinking to start a small baking business, mainly bake egg tarts and biscuits. my current oven also give me a lot of problem, I was thinking to get a new and a good one, please advice me.

    Will you be conducting baking class again, I would like to know more about Rowenta Oven, what are the sizes, and how many tray can put in, one tray can bake how many portion. looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you


  • Hi Delcie,

    I am eyeing on an OR9040 oven for my baking purposes. Need your advice if it is suitable for baking cakes, bread and other pastries. In addition, where may I find information for the classes conducted.

    Hope that you can help.


  • Thank you for your comments on my blog post.

    I have directed you to Tracy, the brand manager of Rowenta to answer your technical questions regarding baking in your oven.

    She will be the best person to advise your accordingly. :)

  • Hi Delcie,

    I’m sourcing for a new oven to replace my current one. Main purpose is to use it for baking cakes like chiffon and cupcakes. Which Rowenta model would you recommend?

    OR9040 or OR9081??

  • Hi, for chiffon and cupcakes, please use top and bottom heat oven. I would not recommend the Fan Base as it may blow too much air that affects the rising stage of your cakes.

  • Hi Delcie,

    I am using Tefal QV1002 and I face the same problem as Mary described in my oven as here: “I did have a oven thermometer to measure the exact heat inside the oven. However, I realised that when i turned the knob to 170C, the temp inside is only 160C. As i increased it to 180C, the temp inside kept going higher and higher to 200C. I am quite confused.”

    I hope you can englighten me and help me solve the problem the unrealistic temperature.

    Thank you, Priscilla Poh

  • Dear Priscilla,

    Some ovens may face similar issues and the only way to deal with this is to understand how your oven works and bake with it. Even my rowenta do have similar problems when I turn it to 170, it goes up to 180.

    But as you mentioned 180C and temp increased till 200C, it may be that your oven is hotter that usual and try turning it to 175C?

  • Hi Delcie,
    I just got my New oven OR9081 today and I saw a low grill and high grill switch , what mode should I use for chiffon cake and sponge cake bake ? and Kuai Lapis ? Loe grill , high grill or with fan ?

  • Dear Alvina,

    For chiffon cake and sponge, you should always use top and bottom heat.

    For Lapis, use top grill.

    For both baking, it is advisable not to switch on the fan but if it is not within your means to switch them off, then you should be baking them at 10 degree lower than called for by your recipe. E.g. if recipe ask for 175 degree, use only 165 degree.

  • Hi Delcie,

    I have a Kenwood MO690 oven. I’ve been trying to bake a butter marble cake
    No matter how many times we’ve adjusted the temperature, the cake bootom gets burnt or the cake inside still remains soggy. We tried 170,160 and even 140 celsiius..the same problem…I’ve visited the Kenwood service centre and after almost a month of verification, they’ve given the oven clean chit..but the oven gives the same problem…Preiviously i was using a tefal oven..dint have any issues at all..

  • Hi George, did you adjust your rack so that your cake pan is suspended in the middle of the oven? If not, make sure you place your rack in the correct posistion so that when you place your cake pan into the oven, it sits right in the middle between the top heat and the bottom heat.

    If you have done so and the bottom is still burnt, It might be the oven’s fault where the bottom heat is too hot. This does not mean the oven is spoilt… it is just not suitable for baking. To ratify, i suggest placing the rack slightly on the higher level so the bottom heat is further away from the base of the pan.

    To fully bake the cake within, you may start baking at 175degree for 10mins, then reduce heat to 150degree for the rest of the baking time until the inside is cooked.

    If all do not work, I suggest changing it 😀

  • Thnx Delcie, I’ve decided to look for new oven now, particlulary one without a fan
    Also Im looking for an oven which give me flexibility in selecting top, bottom,
    top & bottom together…and the searchings been tough..choice here is extremely limited… would you have any suggestions..

  • HI Delcie,
    I am in the lookout for a new oven as mine previous one conked out. I have been advised to get the Rowenta 09.. and I have seen Rowenta OC7868. Which one shall I get. I love baking cakes n curry puff etc. Thank you

  • Hi Monica,
    I think if you’re keen in getting a new oven to bake cakes, try to get one without a fan. I’m not good with model numbers so I’m not sure which is a better one.

    If i’m not wrong Rowenta no longer sells their fan-less oven so if you are getting one with fan, you may have to work around like e.g. turn the trays during half bake time to get even baking.

    The reason with fan is because sponge cake is light and when it expand on the top, the fan may blow the cake structure one side, resulting in uneven top surface. But it should change the cake texture. Hope this tips helps!

  • Hi Delcie, i juz bought a Rowenta OC7868….juz wish to know if i shld use the ‘natural convection’ mode (top n bottom heating) to do all my baking. Is the ‘pastry baking’ mode really gd for baking tarts or i shld also use the ‘natural convection’ mode? Appreciate if u can clear my doubts…thk u:)

  • Hi Delcie, i juz bought a Rowenta OC7868….juz wish to know if i shld use the ‘natural convection’ mode (top n bottom heating) to do all my baking. Is the ‘pastry baking’ mode really gd for baking tarts or i shld also use the ‘natural convection’ mode? Appreciate if u can clear my doubts…thk u:)

    Hi there, for baking, I will normally advise TOP AND BOTTOM heat. Convection is normally for cookies and brownies. As air will be circulated by the fan, baking sponge cake or muffins may cause the cake top or muffin top to swing to one side. But it does not alter any taste in the cake.

  • Hi.. I really need help with baking Lapis on the Rowenta oven oc7868. My mom is good at baking the cake but then I do not know how to use the oven as she is used to Baby Belling (which is spoilt). Can you guide me on how to bake the Lapis? Like on how should/long I preheat the oven (on what mode)and subsequently use which mode/temperature to bake the lapis? Does it matter what kind of tray I use for this oven? Appreciate your guidance on this. HELP and THANK YOU!

  • Hi,
    I am renovating my new apartment. I have a regular big oven in my rented apartment but I hardly use it. Wondering if I should just buy the rowenta oven – need for baking cookies/cakes, pizzas, toasting bread and grilling.
    Pl advise.

  • Hi Delcie

    Need yr advise what is the correct temperature n baking time n which rack to use to bake a sponge cake? I am using the Rowenta oven model OC7891. I have tried to bake the sponge cake by using 180 degree for 20 mins using the rack numuber 2 (count from the below up n had pre-heat the overn for 10 min), the top has darken while the cake is wobbly n not cooked.
    Need yr advise what is the correct temperature n baking time n which rack to use to bake a sponge cake?
    Thank you

  • Hi Delcie, I have just used my new oven 3838 for the first time to bake banana cake. I was using a 8/9″ square tin at 180 temp. It started turning brown after 20 mins. The cake was finally baked after 140mins. It took only about 35-40 mins using my old oven. Any advice? Thank you
    Regards Priscilla Lum.

  • Hi Priscilla,

    If this is your first time using it, new ovens may required time to calibrate. I will suggest you to get an oven thermometer to measure internal temperature before putting you cake it.

    Try not to bake anything at the moment but understand the temperature of the oven first. Meantime if after third try, the internal temperature is still very different from the temperature that you have set, it means your oven needs to be calibrated. You may need to call the technician to help you with this.

  • Hi Xiuling

    I am not longer in partnership with Rowenta. If I am not wrong, they do not conduct free classess anymore. Do check with the headquarters for verifications.

  • Hi IP

    Because I have not used Baby Belling before so I am unable to provide you a comparision on the difference in baking lapis.

    Because different lapis uses different temperature, you will need to check your own recipe for the temperature required to set. It is always useful to have an oven thermometer to double check internal oven temperature.

    Used only top heat mode. To bake your lapis. It would mean your rack would also need to be nearer to the top.

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