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Delcie’s In Jakarta, Indonesia

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Last week, both Chef Khalya and myself flew over to Jakarta and was housed under our vegan friendly partners’ care. Our stay was a very pleasant one and we get to taste all the fantastic vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Jakarta. On top of that, we did so much baking supply shopping and cake tasting all over!

Unfortunately, both of us had fallen sick due to the hot weather and busy environment which we were not accustom to. Lucky for us, the medicine in Indonesia were really strong and we got better within a few days of drowsiness while waiting in the traffic jams.

When we first met the head chef and his team, they were filled with questions on our cake making method; how can we bake without eggs, how can we bake without butter etc. They were very skeptical about our cakes and both of us knew we had to let our cakes convince them. The head chef has more than 10 years of baking experience in one of the largest chain bakery in Indonesia, baking cakes with eggs and dairy every day. He has imprints in his mind that cakes will only taste good with these 2 important ingredients. Oh and the sugar too.

When we started our first day of training, we showed them how we bake and the ingredients we used with no form of chemical or the common emulsifier used in commercial baking. When the cake went into the oven, they were expecting the cake to sink. When our cake came out perfect, they were all shocked. When they tasted the cake, especially our rainbow cake, the head chef commented in Bahasa Indonesia, “this taste better than the ones I baked in my ex company! How is this possible!?”

Well, as Chef Khalya always say “nothing is impossible in Delcie’s kitchen”. We are glad that our cakes have proven themselves once again for the people who didn’t believe in us. And most importantly, the entire Jakarta kitchen and retail staff are extremely excited with the cakes. Lots of questions started pouring in especially in the Science department, which I happily answered them all for the curious minds. Baking is such a wonderful job! It makes people happy!

This decision to venture into Indonesia is by chance from this vegan couple who happened to be our customer. Besides them, we have many Indonesians who would travel to buy our cakes. So when I sounded the idea of “Franchising” on our corporate website, they came in with a business plan and we clicked on common topic – health and vegan.

Our plan of “franchising” is a dream come true for them as I am not restricting their expansion plans in Indonesia or charging them any franchising fee or drawing on their sales. I personally never believe in franchising because it is a win-lose situation for the franchisee. So my goal is to help this couple grow their business in Indonesia. I believe that if they grow, I’ll grow with them too. So this is a win-win. I do not need to earn on franchising fee or draw on their sales especially when they need money to start and grow this business.Well, not many business person would agree with me but I have a business mission – to spread the idea of healthy eating though our cakes to the world. I am taking my first step. I hope I will be able to attract similar interest business partners from around the world to bring Delcie’s Cakes and Desserts to everyone.

If you are one of our Indonesian fan, you do not need to travel to Singapore anymore! Visit Jl. Muara Karang Blok 8 O Timur No. 49, Jakarta, Indonesia 11450 or look for the manager, Dwi Noviani (+62 817-6820-000) to place your order. Order email at delcies.ind@gmail.com