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    To order a cake, you may:
    - Visit Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-83 (beside Boon Keng MRT Station). Tue - Sun 11am to 7.30pm

    - Visit Kuan In Cake, 190 Middle Road Fortune Centre #01-28B. Mon - Sun 10.30am to 6pm

    - Download an order form online and email to

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What is your best selling cake?

We are known for our Rainbow cake, so this is a MUST-TRY!

If this is your first time ordering and would not like our Rainbow cake, we would normally recommend you to try our classic popular cakes such as Black Forest or Chocolate Mud Fudge. If you prefer fruits, you must try our Blue Forest, a blueberry cake with blueberry cream and blueberry topping. If Durian is your favourite fruit, you have got to try our Durianian filled with lots of fresh D24 Durians within.

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What is the serving size based on the diameter of your cake?

As our cakes varies in weight, we do not sell them in weight. Instead, we sell them based on the diameter of the cake in inches e.g. 5.5 inch round, 7 inch round and 8 inch round etc. Please refer to our cake menu for the cake’s individual dimension (diameter x height of cake) to get an idea on how big the cake is. This will allow you to make better decision in serving size according to the number of guest you have.

Click to View our visual cake serving guide.

As a guideline (cake serving BEFORE meals – large slices):

  • 5.5 inch Round – 4 pax
  • 7 inch Round – 8 pax
  • 8 inch Round – 12 pax
  • 8 inch Square – 16 pax
  • 10 inch Round – 20 pax
  • 10 inch Square – 24 pax
  • 12 inch Round – 28 pax
  • 12 inch Square – 32 pax
  • 11 inch x 13 inch Rectangular – 32 pax
  • 11 inch x 13 inch Rectangular – 40 pax

As a guideline (cake serving AFTER meals – smaller serving per pax):

  • 5.5 inch Round – 5 pax
  • 7 inch Round – 12 pax
  • 8 inch Round – 14 pax
  • 8 inch Square – 18 pax
  • 10 inch Round – 24 pax
  • 10 inch Square – 28 pax
  • 12 inch Round – 34 pax
  • 12 inch Square – 38 pax
  • 11 inch x 13 inch Rectangular – 38 pax
  • 11 inch x 13 inch Rectangular – 50 pax
The size recommended is always based on smaller servings (for AFTER meal consumption). Kindly refer to the cake’s diameter measurement e.g. 5.5 inch round, 7 inch round etc for accurate estimation of your cake size. Measuring them will give you a better visual on cake size. If you find that our recommendation is too small, you can always select a bigger cake. Final price/quote varies based on the final size chosen.


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Is your cake comparable to normal cakes?

As you may already know that our cakes do not contain any eggs (air), chemicals (binding agent) or dairy (moisture), our cakes are definitely NOT normal. If you are intending to compare our cakes with a normal cake shop and expect our cakes to have the same texture like a normal cake (which is almost all cakes in Singapore) which contains all these unhealthy ingredients, we are definitely NOT comparable. As our cakes are all baked in an American style that are dense in texture (not airy or fluffy), they do have a slight crumbly texture (due to the lack of eggs and we do not use commercial chemical binding agents such as emulsifier, stabilizer, gum or whey protein). But despite the lack of these unhealthy ingredients, it does not affect the taste of our cakes. Our cakes still taste equally good like what most of our customers had mentioned in their voluntary testimonials. However if you prefer airy textured cakes baked with lots of eggs and chemicals, our cakes may not be suitable for you. We would rather lose a business than to feed our customers with unhealthy cakes. We do love our business but we definitely love our customers more. We seek for your understanding as Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes strictly use only healthy and non-chemical ingredients to bake good tasting cakes.

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If your cakes are baked without eggs and butter, will your cake be tasteless?

Let our customers’ testimonials convince you that our egg-free and dairy-free cakes are equally delicious when it comes to taste. However, as egg is commonly used as a main binding and air agent in cake baking, you will notice that our egg-free cakes are not as spongy compared to traditional sponge cake since we do not use any alternative chemicals to give similar airy texture unlike many other vegetarian bakeries which use mainly Whey protein to replace eggs in their recipe. Whey protein is a substance taken by body builder to build mass and weight. Whey protein is definitely not healthy. You will notice that we are the only bakery that carries the official Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice Bakery Certification.

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What kind of ingredients do you use?

We use organic and halal ingredients in our baking such as unbleached wheat flour, raw sugar, agave, sea salt, dark chocolate, cocoa powder and dairy-free (rice and/or soy) milk and cream. All our ingredients are also free of animal by-products and alcohol.

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I thought all cream contains milk?

Our cream is 100% dairy-free and egg-free. We had revolutionised this cream recipe with a specialised cream factory to create our very own soy-based and rice-based cream.

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I thought all chocolate contains milk?

Our organic chocolate is 100% dairy-free as we have specially imported an organic cocoa mix from Europe, thus, creating our very own organic 73% dark chocolate ingredient using rice milk. We have also formulated our very own dairy-free white chocolate ganache.

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How healthy are your cakes?

We have been awarded the Healthy Choice Bakery certification by Health Promotion Board. As our cakes do not contain eggs and dairy products, they are extremely low in cholesterol and are trans-fat free too. As very little fat and sugar is used in our baking, our cakes are also low in calories compared to traditional cakes. If you prefer lower G.I cakes, you should try our Diabetic-Friendly versions. While organic ingredients are used in our cakes, our cakes are baked naturally and free of harmful chemicals, thus ensuring most of the nutrition to be retained within the cakes when eaten. For more nutritional value information in our cakes, click here.

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Why do you use unbleached wheat flour?

Because unbleached wheat flour is chemical-free and it contains higher level of protein compared to bleached white flour. There are two (2) types of flour – Bleached and Unbleached. Bleached flour is white in colour while unbleached flour is off-white (yellowish) in colour. The main difference between these 2 flours is bleached flour contains bleaching agents added to it to give it a white look while unbleached flour do not contain such bleaching agents. Such bleaching agents are said to be harmful to the body. If you look around you, most of the food items contains white wheat flour such as noodles, bread, cakes, waffles etc. But some people, who have extreme sensitive palates, are able to detect the bitter aftertaste in food made with bleached flour.

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Can Cancer patient eat your cake?

Although our cakes are made with 70-80% organic ingredients, it is still advisable for you to check with the doctor in charge of the patient’s diet as he/she may be placed on a strict diet that does not allow him/her to eat certain fruits or ingredients.

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Can a person with heart condition eat your cake?

Our cakes are low in calories, contain no bad cholesterol, no saturated fats and contain no or low in sodium. Although our cakes are made heart healthy, it is still advisable for you to check with the doctor in charge of the patient’s diet as he/she may be placed on a strict diet that does not allow him/her to eat certain fruits or ingredients.

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How is your cake Diabetic-Friendly?

For diabetics, a moderate intake of meals at regular timing is a must to maintain healthy level of glucose metabolism and thus blood sugar levels. Besides eating a proper level of calories, glycemic index (GI) is also another indicator for diabetics to take note while eating their food. Consuming high GI food such a piece of normal cookie (typically bought in normal bakery or cafe) will cause a spike in blood sugar levels because it contains high calories and high GI ingredients such as eggs, butter and white cane sugar (GI 64). While we promise we do not use artificial sweeteners in our cakes, we only use organic natural ingredient such as agave (GI 15), a low-glycemic sweetener derived from a cactus. We have to specially import this ingredient due to the lack of demand in Singapore. It is commonly safe for type 2 diabetics with non-insulin dependency. We also use unrefined, raw cane sugar for our Vegan, Healthier Choice and Gluten Free products .For diabetic and sugar conscious customers, you should always ration your cake intake according to your nutritionist’s diet plan. All our cakes must be consumed in moderation and should not be consumed whole in one meal or day. Recommended serving size is 80g – 100g per day.

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What is Gluten?

Gluten is the elastic protein in the grains which some of us, although unaware most of the time, may be allergied to it. Products such as wheat, rye, barley, durum, einkorn, graham, semolina, bulgur wheat, spelt, farro, kamut, and triticale, and even commercial oats also contain gluten due to cross contamination in processing. Thus, it is important for the crew at Delcie’s to understand what is gluten and where it comes from in order to allow us to choose our ingredients wisely. For more information on GF diet:

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Why should we avoid gluten?

(Source) More and more local nutritionists have been introducing gluten-free diet to people with health and weight issues.In many cases, people avoid gluten because they have gluten intolerance, also known as celiac disease. People with celiac disease experience an immune system reaction which actually breaks down the lining of the small intestine. This leads to malabsorption of nutrients, meaning that people with celiac are not getting the nutrition they need. The condition can be difficult to diagnose, as malabsorption has many causes, and some people are not diagnosed with Celiac for quite some time.

Other people are merely gluten sensitive, meaning that they sometimes experience intestinal discomfort after eating gluten (bloated stomach), or they occasionally have irritated skin. Individuals with gluten sensitivity may prefer to simply avoid gluten, since it makes them feel unwell. Other people may avoid gluten because they are on an elimination diet to determine the cause of an allergy, or because they have been advised to stop eating gluten for a set period by a doctor.

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Do you use separate utensils for gluten-free baking?

In order to make sure we are careful during gluten-free baking, we will stop all wheat and gluten base baking and do a round of cleaning equipments and working area before starting. We also use a set of separate utensils and washing sponge for all our gluten-free utensils. Normally, we bake our gluten free products at the start of the day. As we do use wheat and nuts for other cakes, our bakery is not a 100% wheat-free and nut-free facility.

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I have peanut allergy, do your cake contain peanuts?

We do not use any peanuts in our cakes. However, we do use peanuts oil for our festival products such as Chinese New Year cookies and mooncakes. We also use other type of nuts for decorations purpose such as macadamia, hazelnut, almond and walnut. Thus, our bakery is definitely not nut-free. If you have serious peanut allergy, we would strongly recommend you not to consume our cakes as there may be a possibility of cross-contamination within the different nuts. We do advise that it is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure safe indulgence should he/she continue to proceed with the order knowing the possibility of cross-contamination among ingredients.

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Will my cake look exactly like those in the photos online?

Final designs and general appearance of cakes can vary slightly from chosen design depending on availability of seasonal fruits or decorative accessories.

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Are you Halal certified?

We are Halal Certified since Year 2015, January. We are a vegan bakery and are known for not using animal by-products ingredients or alcohol since we also serve religious people who have stricter diet requirements than Muslims.

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What is your central kitchen operating hours?

Central Kitchen at Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-83 Singapore 330034 (Boon Keng MRT Exit B) operates from Tue – Sun, 11am-8pm. }
If the door is locked during lunch time, we may be out for lunch.

Alternatively, you may visit our partner’s outlet at Kuan In Cake, Fortune Centre 190 Middle Road, #01-28B daily from 10.30pm to 6pm.

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How much time in advance should I place my order?

If you require a cake, do place your order at least five (5) working days (120 hours) in advance. Urgent order (notice and payment made less than three (72 hrs) working days) will be subjected to availability and additional 15% surcharge. Alternatively, you may walk-in to purchase directly from our retail store(s).

If you require a customised designed cake, do place your order at least two to three (2-3) weeks in advance. Do note that all order are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis upon payment confirmation. Urgent customised order are subjected to availability and additional surcharge.

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I need a cake urgently today, but I have not make a pre-order online. What should I do?

Do not worry, we have cakes in our retail shop 97892309 or at our partner’s outlet. Give us a call to check on availability.
– On Tue-Sun (11am-7.30pm), call our central kitchen (Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-83 Singapore 330034) at 62822951.
– Daily (10.30am-6pm), call our partner’s outlet at (Kuan In Cake, Fortune Centre #01-28B) at 63339684

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How do I know if my order is confirmed for self-collection or delivery at my specify date and time?

If you have already made the payment as instructed in our payment advise email and have replied to us stating bank’s name, transfer transaction number, date and time of transfer, you should receive the following message within the next two (2) working days:
“Thank you for your payment confirmation. We have received your transfer with thanks. This order is confirmed.”

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I have placed my order online, it has been 2 working days but have not received your payment advise email. What should I do?

Upon submission of the online order, you should receive a copy of your submitted online form in your email within the next one (1) hour. If you did not receive it, there may be a possibility that the email your have submitted is wrong thus resulting in bounced email.
Nonetheless, you can either write to or send us an SMS to 97892309 immediately in the following format: Check your order .

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Why do I have to make payment in advance?

As all orders are strictly baked to order, we have to collect payment from our customers in advance to confirm processing of order. This is also done to prevent no-show by customers as we have encountered several past bad experiences while customers had ordered a cake from us but did not collect. Eventually, the uncollected cake will have to be thrown away. Do note that customer’s order will only be confirmed for process in the kitchen upon payment received by us.

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What is your preferred mode of payment?

Upon submission of our online cake order form, you will received a payment advise from us within the next two (2) working days with the total amount and our local DBS current bank account details to do a bank transfer to us. Upon payment confirmation, the order will be processed as confirm.

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What are the other mode of payments besides bank transfer?

If you are not able to do a local bank transfer to our DBS bank, do indicate on the online cake order form under “Special Request” box with the following payment options:

1. Write a cheque addressing it to Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes Pte Ltd, and dropped the cheque into the DBS or POSB cheque drop box with our bank account number written behind the cheque. Bank account details will be emailed to you upon submission of our online cake order form

2. Credit card payment via PayPal online system. A PayPal payment advise will be emailed to you.

3. Visit our store (Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-83 Singapore 330034) to make your payment in Cash or Nets only.

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Are your cakes subjected to GST?

If you were to purchase from our website, we will absorb the GST. What you see is what you will be paying unless specify. However, if you were to purchase or order from our vendor store’s (including payment made in cash/nets/credit card in the store for pre-orders), prices are subjected to GST.

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Refund Policy

In the event that customer did not collect the order at the confirmed specify time and date, order will be kept until the following day. Uncollected order will be disposed within (2) two days from specify date of collection unless instructions were given in advance to change collection time and date. Refund and exchange will not be permitted for no show.

No refund or exchange will be given once product has been delivered or collected by the customers. Inform us via (email) of any changes to order at least (3) working days in advance before date of collection or delivery.

No refund will be given after payment is made.

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It has been more than 2 days, I have made my payment online and emailed your the details but I have not received your confirmation email. What should I do?

Oops! We might have missed your email. You should send an immediate SMS to 97892309 in the following format: I have paid. <your name> <email> <payment amount> <bank’s name> <date of transfer>.

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I tried calling your contact numbers but couldn’t get through, what should I do?

We apologise for this inconvenience. Did you call on our closed day(s)? If not, we could be out for lunch, baking in the kitchen or attending to a customer, thus unable to answer your call. Do send us your questions to our email or if it is urgent order, we suggest you to walk in to our store(s).


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Do you sell cakes in slices? Where can I get them?

You can get them in both our main store in Boon Keng and our partner's outlet at Fortune Centre We have a variety of cake slices, cupcakes, muffins, cookies and other desserts available in store.
Like us on Facebook for more regular updates on available cakes and new flavours.

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Where can I self-collect my cake order?

Tuesday to Sunday (11am-7.30pm), collection is available at our main shop, Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-83 Singapore 330034 (next to Boon Keng MRT Exit B)

Daily (10.30pm-6pm), collection is available at our partner’s outlet, Kuan In Cake, 190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre #01-28B.

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Can I specify a delivery address and timing but change it afterward?

Please give us at least 24 hours advance notice for any changes in delivery address and timing. It is important that someone is at your delivery address to receive the cake. If there is no one at the address at the time of delivery, the protocol for our delivery man is to call the mobile number given in the online order form. He will wait for maximum 5 minutes if no one is at the specify address as there may be other delivery locations for him to rush to. Should he leave and have to return to the address again, an additional standard delivery charge will be chargeable. Should there be a last minute change of address while our delivery man is already on his way to the initial specified address, there will also be an additional standard delivery charge chargeable for change of address. The reason of charging additional is because our delivery is outsourced to a courier company and this is their delivery policies.

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Are your cake freshly baked?

Yes, our cakes are made fresh for your order. However, we will not bake them on the same day of delivery as baking and decorating cakes take time. Before we decorate the cakes, we have to make sure sponges are cool first before we can decorate them. After decoration, we have to set the cake in the freezer. By the time it sets and defrost nicely, it will be another day. This is why we only promise we make your cakes 1 to 2 days in advance. Indeed, we have heard horror stories of famous bakeries keeping their cakes for more than 6 months and some, 1 year in the freezer and still selling them today. Drop by our shop and you will see limited fridge and freezer space with limited cakes. This is why we do not have all flavours for sale every other day. Perhaps, a little secret you should know about cakes: cakes always taste better the next day after defrosting or baking. This includes muffins, brownies and cookies. This is why we will recommend you to collect your cake one (1) day in advance. On the following day, you will be able to enjoy optimal freshness and taste of our cake by defrosting it in your fridge overnight.

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How long can your desserts and cakes last upon delivery or self-collection?

As our cakes does not contain preservatives, they can be store in the fridge (chiller) compartment for up to 2 days. Please take note that different cakes have different lifespan hence we highly recommended that you consume the defrosted cake on the same day.

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Why is your cake delivered frozen?

As we strictly baked to order, we always ensured that cakes are made 1-2 days in advance before the date of collection or delivery. Upon completion of the cake decoration, we normally would deep-freeze our cakes to freeze that moment’s nutritional value and freshness of the ingredients to prevent further deterioration or exposure to bacteria due to the organic and chemical-free nature of our cakes. If you like your cake to be delivered frozen, please allow at least one (1) day or overnight time (at least 8 hours) of defrost time before cutting the cake. Allowing the cake to thaw properly back to its original state at the moment when it was freshly made by our chef. You may request for unfrozen cake to be delivered or collected in your order form if you need to cut the cake within the next few hours upon collection too.

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How do I defrost (thaw) my frozen cake(5.5inch and 7inch)?

  • To ensure freshness at its best, it is recommended to thaw your cake in the box (with the box lid open) for 6 to 7 hours in your fridge.
  • If you are planning for next day to cut your cake, it is recommended to thaw your cake inside the box overnight in your fridge.
  • Kindly take note that thawing time differs according to size of cake.


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How do I store the cake if there are left-over from the party?

If there are left-over cakes, packed them into air-tight containers, cling wrapped the containers and keep it in the freezer compartment. It will keep well for the one (1) week. To thaw, remove the container from the freezer and keep it inside the fridge (chiller) compartment over night. After thawing, do not keep the cake back to the freezer. It must be fully consumed immediately on the same day.

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