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Healthy Cakes Appreciation Workshop

Fee: S$60 per student including sampling
Class Duration: 2 Hours Demonstration
Address: 951 Upper Serangoon Road Kitchen
Pre-requisite: No baking involve.

“I’m so glad to have attended the class and I think you should do more of this to educate more people about what goes into the baking of your delicious and healthy cakes. Perhaps then, people would understand why your products are more pricey than the others. ~Julianah”

You will learn:
• Introduction to Healthy Desserts and Cakes
• How cakes can be made healthier using the range of healthy ingredients in our bakery
• Demonstration by Chef Delcie to decorate a layer cream cake (how to cut a cake into 3 sections, how to layer cream and fruits on the cake, how to cream cake)
• Sit-down appreciation and chit-chat session with a range of desserts – brownie, cookie, slice cake

What To Bring For Class?
• Writing materials to take notes
• Camera to capture the moment


Upcoming Workshop Dates:

  • TBC


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Healthy Cakes Appreciation Session - $60

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