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UPDATE: We have moved to our new online cake ordering site at [www.delcies.com].
Please visit our new website for our brand new range of cakes.


Click on the buttons below to place your order today. All orders are first-come-first served basis upon payment confirmation. Read FAQ for more ordering and payment information.

All orders must be placed at least five (5) working days in advance. For customised cake request, order must be placed at least twelve (12) working days in advance. Orders are subjected to availability due to limited production capacity per day.

As our cakes does not contain any eggs (air), chemicals (binding agent) or dairy (moisture), our cakes are definitely not normal. So if you are expecting our cakes to have the same texture like a normal cake that contain all these unhealthy ingredients, you may be disappointed as our cakes are all baked in an American style that are dense in texture (not airy or fluffy). We would also like to inform you that our cakes do have a crumbly texture (due to the lack of eggs and commercial chemical binding agents) but this does not affect the taste of our cakes. Our cakes still taste equally good like what most of our customers had mentioned in their voluntary testimonials. However if you prefer airy textured cakes baked with lots of eggs and chemicals, our cakes may not be suitable for you. We seek for your understanding as Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes strictly use only healthy and non-chemical ingredients to bake good tasting cakes.

*NOTE: All urgent order must also be submitted using our online order form. Further instructions for urgent orders will be given upon submission of your order.
Cakes are normally delivered in frozen state; allow cake to defrost at chilled temperature at least 8 hours before cutting. If you do not wish you cake to be delivered frozen, kindly specify in the order form.