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Heart Shape:  Yes, I want my cake in Heart Shape +S$10
Soy-Free:  Yes, I need Soy-Free ingredients +S$10 to S$20 (depending on size)
Nut-Free:  Please do not add nuts to cake (Nut Allergy)
Add Nuts or Fruits:  I want additional nuts or fruits +S$10 to S$25 (depending on size) Please specify:

Vegan Healthier Choice Flavours
5.5inch Round, Egg-Free & Dairy-Free (Healthier Choice)

7inch Round, Egg-Free & Dairy-Free (Healthier Choice)

8inch Round, Egg-Free & Dairy-Free (Healthier Choice)

8inch Square, Egg-Free & Dairy-Free (Healthier Choice)

Diabetic Friendly (DF) Egg-Free & Dairy-Free Flavours
5.5inch Round, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free & Diabetic Friendly Version

7inch Round, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free & Diabetic Friendly Version

8inch Round, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free & Diabetic Friendly Version

8inch Square, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free & Diabetic Friendly Version

Gluten-Free (GF) Egg-Free & Dairy-Free Flavours

Vegan, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten FreeHigh Fiber Nutty Ice-Cream Cake5inch Square x 2in Height - (contain nuts; not available nut-free)
*only available for delivery or collection at Fortune Centre branch

Wordings on Cake (subjected to space on cake surface, max 4 words. Not available on Durianian and Strawberry due to design limitations. Input wordings for Durianian or Strawberry cakes will be ignore. )

Big Candles

Small Candles


Fudge Brownies - Gift Box of 16 pieces

Box of 9 Petite Gift Set50mm(d)x75mm(h) per cup with cover
Diabetic Friendly Option:  Yes. Additional S$10

Muffins - Box of 15 pieces
Diabetic Friendly Option:  Yes (available for Blueberry only). Additional S$10
Gluten Free Option:  Yes (available for Blueberry, Banana & Carrot only). Additional S$15

Diet Tea-CakeLoaf Size, 8"X3"
Qty: x


Cupcake with Swirl Icing - 14 x regular size [2.5inch(d) x 2.5inch(h)

14 x Molten Choc
Qty: set(s) x

14 x Carrot White Choc
Qty: set(s) x

14 x Red Velvet White Choc
Qty: set(s) x

14 x Banana with Walnut Topping
Qty: set(s) x

14 x D24 Durian
Qty: set(s) x


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