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Cake Delivery

UPDATE: [www.delcies.com (shopping site is under construction until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.)]


~ Kindly give us a minimum (5) five working days for order notice. Urgent order (notice given less than five working days) will be subjected to availability and additional 15% surcharge.

Delivery Options:
– $25 (Mon-Sun, 12nn-4pm or 4pm-8pm)
– $35 (Festive, Public Holidays & Eve of Holidays*, 12nn to 4pm slot)

– FREE delivery for any purchase of $300 and above.
-*No Delivery on Public Holidays, additional $10 if delivery company accepts.
-*There will be additional charge of $10 to address in Tuas, Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands
-*There will be additional charge of $10 for urgent request (within 24hours); specific timing (minimum 2 hours slot).

All special delivery request are subjected to approval by our outsource delivery company.

FAQ on Self-Collection or Delivery Option:

  • Is your cake baked fresh on the same day?
    Baking cakes take time hence no commercial bakery can bake their cake fresh, decorate them, set them and sell it to you on the same day. Before we decorate the cakes, we have to make sure they are fully cool first before we can decorate them. After decoration, we have to set the cake in the freezer. By the time it sets and defrost nicely, it will be another day. This is why we only promise we make your cakes 1 to 2 days in advance. Indeed, we have heard horror stories of famous bakeries keeping their cakes for more than 6 months and some, 1 year in the freezer, and still selling them today. Drop by our shop and you will see limited fridge and freezer space with limited cakes. This is why we do not have all flavours for sale every other day because we baked our cakes as fresh as we can on a daily basis. Perhaps, a little secret you should know about cakes: cakes always taste better the next day after defrosting or baking. This is why we will recommend you to collect your cake one (1) day in advance. On the following day, you will be able to enjoy optimal freshness and taste of our cake by defrosting it in your fridge overnight.
  • Why is your cake delivered frozen?
    As we strictly baked to order, we always ensured that cakes are made 1-2 days in advance before the date of collection or delivery. Upon completion of the cake decoration, we normally would deep-freeze our cakes to freeze that moment’s nutritional value and freshness of the ingredients to prevent further deterioration or exposure to bacteria due to the organic and chemical-free nature of our cakes. Moreover, we do not use any preservatives in all our products. If you like your cake to be delivered frozen, please allow at least one (1) day or overnight time (at least 8 hours) of defrost time before cutting the cake. Allow the cake to thaw properly back to its original state at the moment when it was freshly made by our chef. You may request for unfrozen cake to be delivered or collected in your order form if you need to cut the cake within the next few hours upon collection too. Only Nutty Ice Cream cakes will be delivered frozen by default.
  • How do I defrost (thaw) my frozen cake (5 Servings and 12 Servings cake sizes)?
    1. To ensure freshness at its best, it is recommended to thaw your cake in the box (with the box lid open) for 6 to 7 hours in your fridge.
    2. If you are planning for next day to cut your cake, it is recommended to thaw your cake inside the box overnight in your fridge.
    3. Kindly take note that thawing time differs according to size of cake.
    4. If you find that our cake is dry or the fruit is still frozen, this is because the cake is not completely thaw. Try cutting the cake into individual slices and leave it at room temperature for 15-30 mins before consuming it again.
  • How do I store the cake if there are left-over from the party?
    If there are left-over cakes, packed them into air-tight containers, cling wrapped the containers and keep it in the freezer compartment. It will keep well for the one (1) week. To thaw, remove the container from the freezer and keep it inside the fridge (chiller) compartment over night. After thawing, do not keep the cake back to the freezer. It must be fully consumed immediately on the same day.
  • How long can your desserts and cakes last upon delivery or self-collection?
    As our cakes does not contain preservatives, they can be store in the fridge (chiller) compartment for up to 2-3 days. Please take note that different cakes have different lifespan hence we highly recommended that you consume the cake on the day of collection/delivery.