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Selling your cakes and pastries online with food shop license!

Thank you for your interest to find out more about our co-sharing project.

Update 2014: We no longer run any cosharing of our kitchen. Thank you for your interest. 

First and foremost, Delcie’s is NOT a kitchen rental service or rental business. Each of us at Baking Friends Forever have our own bakery businesses to run. The reason why we are doing this is because we see home bakers struggle day-to-day trying to run a legal business but producing food from home for public sales is TOTALLY illegal. What we are trying to do here is to make full use of our extra kitchen space to help bakers like yourself, run an online bakery with a legal food license by co-sharing our NEA food approved space  so your start-up cost will be kept to the minimal without having to invest in renovating a shop, pay high rental or purchase heavy equipments before you get a solid customer base. Your objective to co-share on this project should be to test the market, build a customer base and develop a proper product range before you jump start into running your own shop and risk losing everything you have saved up for.


  • hi, i m previous a pastry chef and i wish to start baking at home but it is too small and it is too expensive to set up a stall…. I hope you are be able to help me…


  • Hi Linda, setting up a proper kitchen is indeed expensive. You can ask the other resident bakers who are baking with me, how much pain and dollars I’ve threw into making this community baking project possible for all. Still, I’m happy to help if you are a serious baker like all of us. 😉 Will fill you in with the details when we meet up.

  • Hi, I’m also keen to start my own homebaking business and have been wondering how to address the licence issue. Hope you can enlighten me. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Delcie,

    Im a mother of one child, she is coming to 5 months old and i would like to give up my current job to work from home so i can keep my darling girl company and watching her grow.I have a passion for baking, but im not sure if this is suitable for me. Kindly advice.

  • Hi

    Great to see what you’ve done here. I actually do have an interest in baking. I have baked before but unfortunately not very consistently. People who have tried my desserts seem to really like them though. Any advice on how to go about on starting a home business? Eventually i have a goal to work from home.

  • Hello, I’m keen to start my own homebaking online business but I am not sure about the licensing issue. Could you advice? Thank you very much. =)

  • Hi, I’m into cake decoration and would like to turn my hobby into some profits. Could you share with me on selling cakes part-time and baking from home?

  • Hi Ivy,

    Baking and selling from home is illegal and require you a licensed kitchen to bake for sale. As I am currently baking under Whisk and Fold’s community baking project, all bakers who are part of the project are baking for sale using the commercial kitchen that we all share. You may be interested in such a project. Write to me at delcie.lam@delciesdesserts.com

  • Hi there,

    I am interested to know more about the share kitchen – can we do cooking or is it only limited to baking?

    Thanks, Eve

  • Hi, I’m very interested in baking and hope to learn more about with your team. Is is still open? Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

  • Hi Felicia,

    thanks for your interest. We are like yourself, who have passion in baking and wanting to set up a business, fully committed into it. If you have quit your job and is looking into setting up a bakery full time, we can talk further.

  • I have just started baking at home and keen to find out more about running a home bakery and the setup part of it. Can I find out more about the licensing and also Whisk and Fold’s community baking project? It sounds very exciting.

  • Dear Siew Lian,

    Congratulation on embarking your baking journey! I wish you best!

    Dear Siew Lian,

    Thank you for reading our blog.

    Running a Home-base bakery business is illegal in Singapore. Setting it up is easy as you have no overheads but be careful because NEA doesn’t approve food business conducted in all private housing and HDBs. Do call NEA to check with them on this regulations.

    As for licensing, you will need to obtain a food approved shop first, then get NEA to come down to inspect your shop for approval. There, you will get your license.

    For Whisk and Fold, we initially offer kitchen co-share with bakers who are serious in venturing into the baking business and willing to sign on a 1 year term. There is monthly fee to be paid accordingly and hours allocated to bakers to come in to bake for their orders. However, now, we are fully booked and has no intention of opening up any space for new bakers until further notice. Whisk and Fold is rather strict in the selection of bakers as it only accept FULL Time bakers, not part time bakers.

    Hope this helps.

  • can any one help me how to start cooking food and sell to public, do i need license, if need license how to apply, what is the procedure i need to follow at home

    pls help

  • Dear Saras,

    Thank you for reading our blog.

    Running a Home-base bakery or food business is illegal in Singapore. NEA doesn’t approve food business conducted in all private housing and HDBs. Do call NEA to check with them on this regulations. I would suggest to to find a proper food approved shop.

  • I read about Delcie’s and am very much interested in knowning how i could sell my baked food from home….
    I just love to bake and cook….it has always been a pleasure to cook and bake for me
    Please could you guide me through how i could go about it!
    Regards saman:)

  • Thank you for sharing some very useful information. I am interested in starting a small business selling gourmet sandwiches into . Are you aware of any kitchens that are set up similar to yours but for the use of making food other than baked goods? Thank you for your assistance. Regards Kelly

  • Hi, I bake cakes frequently for relatives and friends.They have been asking me to start home bake business, they said my cakes are very beautiful and delicious.So , I am keen to start my home baking online business. Could you advice. Thanks.

  • Hi Sophia, Thanks for reading our website. It’s lovely to know you have beautiful pastries for sales. However, as I have mentioned before, please ensure you are running your online bakery business from a proper NEA licensed food shop and not from your home as it is illegal to sell food from your home. Once you have a shop, you will be safely covered and you may start marketing your products online or offline :)

  • Hi kelly, thank you for visiting our blog. To my current knowledge, I have not heard from another doing the same thing as it involved far too many trouble to share a single kitchen… there will be people who are uncomfortable with sharing kitchen tools, or openly working together so another could see what you put into your cakes/pastries. There are also different dynamic of people whom you may or may not be able to work together… so i guess, not many bakeries are willing to open up their kitchen for share usage. Plus, there are also alot of liabilities to take on as the host bakery… which is also why I have stopped doing it and only kept the responsible bakers on board with me now.

  • Hi Delcie,
    I also like putting up my own bakery business but im not a baker though i know how to bake…is there any certifications to needed before joining u? I plan to take study in baking..thanks!

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  • Hi,
    My business partner is relocating in few months.
    We have a bakeshop in the east side of Singapore.
    We would like to know if your group is interested to takeover our bakeshop.
    Suitable for high volume baking.
    Three phase power.
    NEA approved.
    In Sep 2011, all equipment are brand new and kitchen was fully renovated.

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