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Valentine’s Day Cakes

Vday vegan gluten free cake

This Valentine’s Day, we had a little more time than the last few years (clashed with Chinese New Year) to whip up some Vday special cakes for all the lovers. To start off, we perfected the Vegan Cream Cheese filling and we had managed to infused the filling into our Beet Red Velvet cake. This…


You may wonder, “what is Red Forest Cake?” This is our brand new cake that follows the launch of our Red Velvet selections for this Mothers’ Day. Using red beet for our red sponge, we fusionise the traditional Black Forest Cake with our Red Velvet Cake. Bringing you, our brand new cake, Red Forest Cake….

Delcie’s New Cake Menu

Dear friends, if you have been keeping yourself glued to our site for the past 2 weeks, you would have noticed all the changes done to this site. All photos, navigation and now, our menu have all been updated! To keep a copy of our menu, you can download our menu below. Cheers! Click above…

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